What is a Psych-K Balance?

Using a combination of Neuro-science and Body-Mind connection, this modality targets limiting, self sabotaging beliefs that run like a program from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where over 90% of our consciousness operates. The limiting beliefs, stored at this deeper level of mind, will hold us back from being where we would like to be and how we would like to be in life. In changing those limiting beliefs to ones that truly serve us, our entire world changes.

An important aspect of the Psych-K process is using discoveries from Neuro-Science. Each hemisphere of the brain has been found to have specific functions:

The left hemisphere functions are :

using logic/reason; practical; thinking in words; dealing in specifics; analysing; identifies with the individual; ordered/controlled.

The right hemisphere functions are :

using emotions/intuition/creativity; thinking in pictures; dealing in the whole/holistically; identifying with the group; is spontaneous/free; emotions; flowing.

Because of past experience and the beliefs that can form from them, dominance of one hemisphere or another occurs. The limiting belief(s) and the resulting stress cause a block to the 'bridge' structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain (Corpus Callosum). This blockage leaves us unable to draw on the resources from the opposite hemisphere. Simple postures and movements offered within the Psych-K balance process, 'rewire' the brain supporting the new program (belief) to be integrated.

The subconscious mind is not only a storehouse of our experiences and beliefs, it also runs the processes of the body. We do not need to consciously think about blinking or breathing for example. The subconscious mind is running and monitoring many body function programs 24 hours a day. So using the subconscious mind's existing connection to the body, we use the body itself to check whether the desired belief needs to be 'installed' and if so, that it has subsequently, using the Psych-K balance process, been integrated. This check is done via 'muscle testing' which you may be familiar with from Kinesiology.

This process is safe and simple for both children and adults.

Needing things to be complex in order for them to be of value is simply incorrect. Psych-K works with the natural functions of the mind and body, rather than against them. It's like swimming with the tide rather than against it.

I believe it is our right to live to our highest potential. Often it is only our beliefs about ourselves that stand in the way of this.

A typical session is approximatly 60-90 minutes duration during which time we can work through a number of beliefs. Psych-K is also very beneficial for setting goals and clearing any limiting beliefs that may be in the way of that goal.

Concession rates are available.