Remembering who you Are

A Quantum Consciousness experience takes you on a journey within, exploring across and outside the illusion of boundaries of time and space.

This is not an exploration based on 'becoming’, 'attaining', 'earning' or ‘evolving’. Instead it is taking your Awareness to the different aspects of your existence that are all part of the Oneness that you Are.

You are not apart from Oneness, you are a part of Oneness.

In the openness of this exploration, you move your Awareness to connect and interact with different aspects of your Being. Your awareness moves to the different Realms of your existences, always with the highest intention of sharing insight and wisdom.

The Realms are :

“Stored Consciousness” : Accessing past or future ages from your present life that may require the wisdom and insight that you currently have, or who may wish to offer you wisdom and insight that will support you in your life now.

“Alternate Consciousness” Accessing another ‘you’, the one that went in a different direction through making a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ choice at an important crossroad in your life. How might your life have turned out if you’d said ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’? Connecting to the other ‘you’ that made that different choice brings the gifts of insight and a resting of the 'what if.....?' question that we can so often continue to hold in relation to a major life decision.

“Parallel Consciousness” Exploring ‘past' life existence in order to bring the benefits of those experiences into the present life through the wisdom gained. Or perhaps bringing release from 'past' experience that may still be limiting you today. The term "parallel consciousness' is used, rather than 'past life', based on the understanding that there is no time and all life is unfolding concurrently, Now.

“Inter-dimensional Consciousness” If we can incarnate in this human form, on this planet, is it not also possible to incarnate in others forms, in other places, planets, dimensions? Think of the insight that can come from exploring your own existence in the Inter-dimensional realms.....

“Eternal Consciousness” The Eternal Consciousness is the thread throughout all layers of your awareness, no matter where, when or how you may be in any existence.

This is where the field of Openness, the Unlimitedness of yourself waits to welcome you Home.

This is Remembering who you Are

You could come to a Quantum Consciousness Exploration purely from a place of curiosity, from a desire to take your awareness to these Realms, to these aspects of your Being.

Or if you are dealing with a specific issue or concern in your life at this time, you can draw on the experience and wisdom you carry within you, all with the intention of supporting you when you need it the most.

If you have the question, you already have the answer.

A session is usually approximately 3 hours.

A recording will be provided as a reminder of your experience.

Concession rates available. Please contact me for more details.